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Conservative Pundit: Democrats Can't Just Be 'The Resistance'

It's about jobs.


Conservative writer Elizabeth Harrington, of the Washington Free Beacon, appeared on the Fox Business News on Thursday where she blasted the Democrat Party for simply ‘resisting’ President Donald Trump instead of producing meaningful alternatives.

The Free Beacon reports:

Making an appearance on Fox Business Network, Harrington said Democrats would have a tough time winning back blue-collar Trump voters if the party continues moving to the left. She also argued Democrats have a problem with finding a message.

"You can't just be the resistance party, you can't just be the anti-Trump party," she said. "We saw that with Hillary Clinton. She didn't have a real message, she didn't have a real rationale for running except that she thought it was owed to her."

"You saw that Trump had a message and he was able to win all these rust-belt, blue-collar workers," she said. "So Democrats can't just be the anti-Donald Trump party, that doesn't work, they have to be for something."

Harrington said that moving to the far left would only alienate the voters Democrats need to win back.

"They're going to have an even tougher time getting those voters back if they continue in this far-left, progressive push," she said.

President Trump appealed to blue collar workers in the 2016 election while the Democrats pandered to their fringe group. They are still trying to do that and it is hurting them at the polls.

"It's going to come down to jobs," she said. "We can give senate Republicans credit for one thing—it's that they used the Congressional Review Act to roll back countless Obama-era regulations that really had a stranglehold on the economy and small business. Just taking those little steps you see they're freeing up the economy, and the stock market is rising."

"The only trouble the Republicans have is they will not maintain their majorities if they don't follow through on these big promises," she said, referring to tax reform.

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