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Judge Napolitano Breaks Down The FBI Raiding Paul Manafort's Home

They're much more aggressive.


The FBI raided former Trump 2016 campaign staffer Paul Manafort’s home this week seeking information related to the conspiracy theory that there was collusion with Russia during the election.

While the left praised the move, some, like Fox News’ Judge Napolitano, have questioned the double standard of raiding someone connected to Trump, but not to Hillary Clinton.

The Daily Caller reports:

Fox News analyst Judge Napolitano said Thursday the FBI raid on Paul Manafort’s home was “much more aggressive” than tactics used in the Hillary Clinton investigation.

“This is so much more aggressive than the investigation of Mrs. [Clinton],” Napolitano said on “Fox and Friends.” “The investigation of Mrs. Clinton didn’t even use a grand Jury.”

Napolitano said there is most likely evidence of wrongdoing due to the rare nature of the pre-dawn raid. “They had to use this extraordinary tool of a pre-dawn raid, the most forceful thing the FBI can do to you, short of an arrest in the middle of the night,” he said. “Which they can only use when all other means of acquiring information have failed.”

“Probable cause means that FBI agents went to a federal judge in secret and persuaded her that it was more likely than not that in Mr. Manafort’s house they would find evidence of a crime,” he added.

This is one of the latest examples double standards when it comes to Republicans and Democrats.

“They may very well have been looking for something totally independent of Manafort’s relationship to the president,” Napolitano said. “It could have been personal, it could have been his taxes. Was he being paid money by a foreign power at a time that he wasn’t registered as a foreign agent?”

Napolitano suggested Mueller was fishing for any evidence of wrongdoing to force Manafort to flip, becoming a witness for the state in the Russia probe.

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