BBC busted

BBC Worker Busted Watching Nude Scenes During Live Broadcast

Not your regularly scheduled program...


On Thursday, YouTuber exploded with views of BBC anchor was giving a sports report on their program News At Ten this past Monday. It was not the story that got viewer’s attention, it was what her co-worker was doing in the background.

The Daily Wire reports:

Viewers in Great Britain watching BBC’s News at Ten with presenter Sophie Raworth suddenly decided they wanted a closer look on Monday, as a BBC worker behind her on the set was watching a scene from a movie in which a woman bared her breasts. The computer screen with the scene was plainly visible to viewers.

As Raworth delivered the news about England's cricket team, the screen behind her showed a blonde woman taking off her shirt, then bra in front of her on-screen lover.

Roughly 3.8 million people were tuning in to the newscast at the time of the miscue, according to The Independent.

Watch the video below:

BBC is investigating the incident following the video going viral. They released this statement in response to the reports, “We are establishing the facts and circumstances.”