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Ben Shapiro: Hillary Clinton Wants To Talk To You About God...

She's been doing that all along.


In case you have not heard, Hillary Clinton has decided what she wants to do after launching two failed presidential bids and released books that have bombed. She is not focusing on cleaning up the corruption at the Clinton Global Initiative or giving the funds owed to Haiti. Instead, Hillary Clinton is going to continue to lecture us on the radical views of the far left, but instead of from the bully pulpit, she wants to do it from a rectory.

Writing for the National Review, conservative commentator Ben Shapiro explains how the former secretary of state has been preaching to the choir all along.

Shapiro writes:

Hillary Clinton wants to talk to you about God. According to The Atlantic, the once-sure-thing White House candidate is back on the campaign trail, this time on behalf of Jesus. Hillary, they say, spent years holding back her faith from public view; she avoided imposing the joy of Christ on the assembled. But secretly, she and God were on solid terms. Never mind the public spectacle of her explaining to religious Americans that their “deep seated cultural codes, religious beliefs, and structural biases have to be changed.” This was a woman hiding her light under a bushel. No longer.

The Atlantic opines that Hillary Clinton’s politics were determined by her faith, but Shapiro points out that religious freedom is not usually a priority of the far left.

This isn’t atypical language for top-shelf Democrats. President Obama, another man who scorned religious Americans as Bible-thumping rubes, used to regularly quote Matthew 25:40: “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’” Obama cited this passage as justification for government intervention rather than as support for evangelism, the more traditional reading. Leftist politicians aren’t shy about sharing their faith. But they seem puzzled that so few religious Americans seem to take their faith seriously.

Whenever a conservatives talks about their faith, all of a sudden the far left starts hollering about ‘separation of church and state’ though it is not mentioned in the Constitution or even in the Declaration of Independence.

Perhaps that’s because religious Americans look at the invocation of the Bible by the political Left as a bit of political appropriation. Leftists seem to rely on the Bible only when calling for precisely the reverse of the personal-responsibility ethos promulgated by the Bible. A recent poll from the Washington Post and Kaiser Family Foundation found that a plurality of Christians, 46 percent, said that lack of effort was tied to poverty; just 29 percent of non-Christians felt that way. Among white Evangelicals, that number was 53 percent, with only 41 percent blaming circumstances for poverty. That’s a traditionally religious viewpoint: Free will, imbued in us by a just and benevolent God, enables us to make decisions for which we should be held responsible.

Shapiro points out that the left seems to quote the Bible when it suits them, but ignores it when it hurts their case.

Religious Americans also look askance at the willingness of the pseudo-religious Left to ignore or denigrate sections of the Bible that run counter to their favored social policies. The same leftists who high-handedly quote Matthew to support redistributionism will ignore Matthew on marriage (19:4–6). They’ll scoff at religious Americans who simply wish to operate their businesses or raise their children in accordance with Biblical values. They’ll even call for the power of government to trump individual adherence to the Bible.

Hillary herself opposed every version of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act; supported the Human Rights Campaign, which wishes to use federal law to crack down on businesses to “discriminate” on the basis of “sexual orientation” and gender identity”; and opposed the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court decision, which allowed religiously owned businesses to avoid promoting abortion.

Hillary Clinton needs to retire. The American people told her twice that they are rejecting her at the polls. No longer should she force herself into the headlines.

Ben Shapiro is the editor-in-chief of The Daily Wire and is currently the number two podcast on iTunes.