Dr. Sebastian Gorka on Fox and Friends

Dr. Sebastian Gorka: 'The Message Is Very Clear, Don't Test This White House, Pyongyang.'

"It's absolutely clear."


On Wednesday, White House aide Dr. Sebastian Gorka appeared on Fox and Friends where he told the hosts that President Donald Trump is sending a clear message through his ‘fire and fury’ to the North Korean communist dictator Kim Jong-Un that the United States will not be tested.

Dr. Gorka said, “He’s saying don’t test America, and don’t test Donald J. Trump.” He explained, “We are not just the superpower. We were a superpower, we are now a hyper-power. Nobody in the world, especially not North Korea, comes close to challenging our military capabilities, whether they are conventional, whether they are nuclear, or whether they are Special Forces.”

He added, "So the message is very clear: Don't test this White House, Pyongyang.”

Gorka said that North Korea should not be underestimated. "Look, we are not taking the actions that we've taken, especially the United Nations Security Council, which was a historic vote this weekend — we aren't taking them because there isn't a threat, we're taking them because North Korea represents a grave threat.” He adds, "To quote Secretary Tillerson, John McMaster, the President, Secretary Mattis … a grave threat. Not only to the region, but to the United States.”

He continued, "Nevertheless you look at the phrase from the Cold War, the correlation of forces. We are a hyper-power. North Korea is a very, very insignificant threat in terms of scale. They have this capability that they are using to blackmail the West, but you never give in to dictators, and you never give into blackmail. And that's why North Korea has to de-escalate right now.”

Gorka emphasized, "It's absolutely clear. This is a regime because it is so Stalinist and because it cannot provide for its own people, it has to extort concessions from the West.” He added, "Their people are starving. Think about that. Starving.  There's Cuba as well. There's China … the last hard-core Stalinist regime out there. As such, their lifeline is China and extorting concessions from the west, but it has to end now."

Watch the interview below: