James Demore with Jordan Peterson

Fired Google Memo Writer Breaks His Silence About His Termination

Exclusive interview with Dr. Jordan Peterson...


After four years at the internet company, James Demore wrote a memo where he discussed Google’s diversity policy when it comes to hiring men and women. He criticized the company for treating everyone as groups instead of individuals, for that, he was fired on Monday.

As the mainstream media continues to malign him, Demore mostly stayed silent, but he finally gave a tell-all interview with Dr. Jordan Peterson, another favorite target of the left.

Demore told Dr. Peterson that his time at Google was praised.

I got promoted twice. My last review was the highest possible, superb, which is the top few percentile. So it definitely wasn’t based on performance that they fired me.

The only reason Demore was given for his termination was that he “perpetuating gender stereotypes.”

So the official excuse was that I was perpetuating gender stereotypes. That was the only reason. … [I was informed of my termination] by my HR representative and my director.

It appears his firing was masterminded by the management at Google.

I’m sure [the decision to terminate me] was from higher up than that, because this is a huge PR move, so they would need approval from higher-ups. ... I actually published this about a month ago, and it was only after it got viral and then leaked to the news that Google started caring. ... There were a lot of upper management that specifically called it out and started saying how harmful it is, and how it’s unacceptable; this sort of viewpoint is not allowed at Google.

Demore warns that Google is entrenched in a left-wing bias and opposing viewpoints are not tolerated.

The whole culture just tries to silence any dissenting view. We really need some more objective ways of looking at these things.

He says that he continues to admire Google and hopes that they will change their policies.

I love Google. That’s the horrible part. I’ve always been the biggest Google fanboy. I’ve never had an iPhone. I’ve always tried to convince my friends to use Android. … This just puts a sour taste in my mouth.

You can check out the interview below: