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'Gizmodo' Joins Attempt To Smear Controversial Google Memo Writer

Fake news.


James Demore was fired by Google on Monday following revelations that he was the author of a memo that criticized the internet company’s diversity policies. He did not suggest that they do away with those practices, but simply revitalize them especially when it came to hiring men and women. He emphasized the different strengths of the sexes and dared to call them unique. For that, he had to be silenced and censored.

The mainstream media is joining the persecution of Demore, calling him a sexist and claiming that he wants women removes from the industry. Of course, his memo said nothing of the sort.

The tech magazine Gizmodo is joining in on the character assassination of  Demore, by publishing an outlandish article titled ‘Fired Google Memo Writer Took Part in Controversial, 'Sexist' Skit While at Harvard for Which Administration Issued Formal Apology.’

The writer, Melanie Ehrenkranz, opens with this complete mischaracterization of the memo itself.

Google fired software engineer James Damore on Monday after his 10-page anti-diversity screed went viral within the company. 

If she had read the memo, she would have known that it was, in fact, praising diversity, only criticizing the policies that Google implements and suggesting ways to reform them.

She continues by discussing Demore’s time at Harvard, about how he participated in a ‘sexist’ skit that the university eventually apologized for.

According to emails provided to Gizmodo, Andrew Murray and Tim Mitchison, the co-directors of the Systems Biology Program at Harvard—which Damore attended for two years before leaving the program and starting his career at Google—issued a formal apology to a number of students for a student skit performed at the 2012 Systems Biology Program Retreat. According to two sources, Damore was the primary performer in the skit.

She writes about how some present said that the skit was “presented material that offended many members of our community” and said that even a humorous skit should refrain from “targeting any group within the program that can be defined by gender, by ethnicity, by sexual orientation, or by religious orientation, is never acceptable.”

What was so terrible in the skit? It takes six paragraph before we are finally told about the crime. The information is giving through anonymous sources of course.

Damore participated in the writing of the skit, along with other program students, but according to two sources, Damore was the primary performer during the skit when it was performed. The source noted that in the “particular year in which James played a role organizing, [the skit] was particularly offensive to women.”

Three sources allege that Damore told what they characterized as a masturbation-related joke during the course of the performance, which fell flat and offended some in the audience. However, two sources attributed the backlash to the performance not to any malice on the part of Damore, but instead to his awkward delivery.

That’s it.

He participated in and helped write a ridiculous skit that bombed at the retreat he was attending. There was no vile intent aimed at feminism specifically or women generally. It simply had some vulgar humor that made some audience members squirm.

The skit had a few inappropriate jokes that you could find on any television program on FX, HBO, or Showtime, but since he angered the left, this past event is being used by the left to malign the enemy of intersectionality. 

Once again, Demore is guilty of nothing than committing a thought crime and possibly being a terrible playwright.

This is nothing more than another example of the mainstream media using fake news in an attempt to publicly shame someone who merely expressed an opinion that went against the group-think of the left.