Joy Reid on her phone

MSNBC's Joy Reid Claims GOP Is 'The Party Of Victimhood'



Left-wing MSNBC personality Joy Reid, host of AM Joy, appeared with anchor Chris Hayes on Thursday’s episode of All In. According to MRCTV’s Newsbusters blog, Reid tried to deflect the problems of the left onto conservatives by claiming that the Republicans Party is built on “victimhood.”

Hayes set up her criticism when he asked, “What we're seeing in some ways is a culmination of a very long project, right, a very long set of trends about conservatism in particular and whether they believe what they call the mainstream media or the liberal media. And, at a certain point, it's like, it gets to the point that even black and white in email that says, ‘Do you want to collude with the Russian government in this election?’ doesn't, you know, doesn't penetrate or change people's minds.”

Reid immediately came back with this response. “Yeah, like almost cartoonishly bad, as if the Russians said, "Let's see if we can write an email that's so cartoonishly, villainously, blatantly obvious that nobody's going to go for this," and they even put in the ‘crown prosecutor.’ It's ridiculous, they don't even have a czar anymore. And they bought it, they're like ‘Really? Well, we can do anything.’”

She continued, “I mean, look, the reality is, Donald Trump didn't invent this Republican party, he just saw the trends and took advantage of it. This is a Republican party that's been built on resentment and a sense of victimhood, a sense of persecution, almost a persecution complex, for more than 40 years, almost 50 years going back to the dawn of the Civil Rights Movement when they felt persecuted by the world.”

Joy Reid misses the point as well as fifty years of history. It was the Democratic Vice President Joe Biden who was saying that Republicans wanted to put African-Americans back in chains. It was Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth “Fauxcohantos” Warren who were saying that people would die if the GOP healthcare bill was passed. That is the definition of victim mentality.

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