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Black Conservative Rips The Left And Black Lives Matter Over Race-Hustling Ads

"Hard time seeing your point."


NRATV host and firearms enthusiast Colion Noir delivered a brutal rebuke to the radical leftist group Black Lives Matter, defending his fellow gun collector and conservative commentator Dana Loesch in a new short video titled “Who Fights For Black Gun Rights?”

Noir blasted BLM as a “weaponized race-baiting machine, pushing the extreme liberal Democratic agenda, calling any and everything that doesn’t fit that agenda ‘white supremacy'” after they released a race-hustling ad denouncing Loesch and the National Rifle Association.

In the BLM spot, they claimed that a NRA ad featuring Dana Loesch amounted to “declaring war against black people.”

Noir said after viewing Loesch’s ad, that he had a “hard time seeing where this NRA ad called for violence against anyone, much less against black people. If anything the video was calling for fighting violence with truth.” He added, “I saw more white people looting and being destructive in the NRA ad than I ever saw watching a Black Lives Matter protest on liberal cable news shows like CNN.”

Noir ripped into BLM for their race-baiting and attempt to frame Loesch as a white supremacist.

“According to this Black Lives Matter video, apparently the only people capable of racism against black people are white conservatives,” he said. “Yet the egregiously poor state of our black communities have come under the leadership of the same liberal politicians, liberal organizations and liberal billionaires of the last 50 years. And our inner-city communities are still in disrepair.”

Noir also ties the lack of strong father figures to the poverty plaguing African-American communities, “Yes, our inner-city schools are a disaster. They’re embarrassingly underfunded and have been for decades. These places function more like training facilities for prisons than they do schools. But our inner-city schools aren’t underfunded because the NRA.”

He adds, “Schools are largely underfunded by the property taxes in the local area. So it’s no surprise that the most affluent areas have the best schools. Take Chicago an their dirt poor education system under the leadership of Rahm Emanuel. These people are renting or in public housing. They can’t afford to buy a house in the middle of the beautiful suburbs of Chicago with a good school system. They can’t live in the north side of Chicago either, where despite the same tax base, the schools are magically better funded.”

Noir also talks how African-American cannot live in communities with better schools “because they’re living on a single income of a household headed by a single black mother. The question then becomes: What happened to the fathers?”

Noir also blasted left-wing politicians who use the African-American community to grandstand, but then let them suffer in poverty.

He said, “For decades our communities have been run by deceitful liberals and Democrats who promised us the stars and the moon during election cycles and disappeared once in office. The tactics are always the same.” He continued, “Buy off well-meaning black leaders and black organizations like Black Lives Matter with insane amounts of cash so they’re incentivized to sell out and push their liberal Democratic agenda under the guise of improving the community by advocating the same, racist laws and policies that continue to perpetuate the horrible conditions in our communities to begin with.”

Watch the video below: