Nancy Pelosi press conference

Nancy Pelosi Hold A Press Conference Announcing New Obstruction Plans Against Trump

"We need to follow the fact."


Democrat House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi held a press conference this past Friday morning. She was flanked by several leftist politicians and a group of fawning reporters who asked no tough questions during the gaggle.

Pelosi called the conference to announce the House Democrats new plan for obstruction against President Donald Trump’s agenda.

“Today we are announcing a new coordinated effort to force votes and get answers for the American people,” she said. “We will force Republicans to take votes on the record to continue from hiding the facts from the American people. We will expose House Republicans for their willful shameful enabling… of the attack on our Constitution.”

The Democrats are offering a “resolutions of inquiry” in order to trigger a House vote on the conspiracy theory about Russian collusion with Trump's 2016 campaign. The GOP can tie up the resolutions in committee.

One of the resolutions would grant Pelosi total access to any line of electronic communication that the Trump family uses.

The California congresswoman explained, “It is important that we see all electronic communication, whether it’s direct messaging, Twitter, email, text, whatever it happens to be, among the members of the Trump family and within the Trump administration.”

During the press conference, Pelosi was asked about impeachment procedures against President Trump.

"We need to follow the facts, and what did the rest of the family know and when did they know it? I've always been reluctant, because I think impeachment is something that really has an impact on the country. So when the facts are clear, the law is certainly clear, when the facts are clear, then this Congress will make a decision in that regard."

She continued, "I think the facts will be self-evident. Maybe they will be exculpatory of the president. Maybe they will not. But there is evidence, clear evidence that we need to know more, and we should not close that path."

Rep. Maxine Waters was standing behind her. Waters is known for her public unhinged rants that espouse conspiracy theories about a “Kremlin clan” within the White House that could lead to Trump’s impeachment.

Watch the video below: