Ned Price MSNBC screenshot

MSNBC Praises Joe Scarborough For Leaving GOP

"Principled conservative."


Hillary Clinton donor and former CIA official Ned Price appeared on MSNBC’s The Last Word where he expressed admiration for so-called conservatives who leave the Republican Party to show host Lawrence O’Donnell, according to MRCTV’s Newsbusters’ blog.

The MSNBC host led the exchange with this misleading line, “Paul Ryan, could not bring himself to say that he would not commit a crime with the Russians if the Russians offered him help in his re-election campaign today. Lindsey Graham tried to teach his colleagues this lesson today. a lot of us didn’t think they need to be taught that lesson but apparently they do.”

Price readily agreed, “I hate to say it, Lawrence, but Paul Ryan is emblematic of the Republican Party when it comes to this and Lindsey Graham is not. Republicans have been tripping over themselves trying to find a way to excuse the inexcusable behavior of Donald Trump Jr.”

Trump Jr. has been accused of colluding with the Russian government by the mainstream media after revelations that he met with a lawyer who has alleged ties with Moscow. The press has worked itself up into a frenzy reporting on it.

O’Donnell continued, “And Ned, this is not just any member of Congress. This is the Speaker of the House. His member in his party look to him for guidance in all things. He was asked publicly for guidance on this. He refused to give the guidance that Lindsey Graham did today.”

Price was more than happy to praise the establishment GOP and Joe Scarborough for his decision to leave the Republicans despite the fact that no one seemed to notice.

“At some point, they will have to grow a spine and have to realize this is an individual who is not good for their country and their party,” he said. “There are principled conservatives who have already done that, Joe Scarborough, this network, just declared that last night. Others like Charles Krauthammer have essentially agreed. But we have not yet seen that from our elected officials.”

Principled conservatives will have disagreements with President Donald Trump, but they will also praise him when he actually follows through with his campaign promises like appointing Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

Watch the clip below: