Tucker Carlson of Fox News

Tucker Carlson Has Heated Exchange With Max Boot Over Foreign Policy

"You've discredited yourself."


Tucker Carlson got into an intense debate with Council on Foreign Relations spokesman Max Boot on the Wednesday episode of his Fox News program over foreign policy and debate tactics, according to an article on The Daily Wire.

To recap: Boot took issue with Carlson’s previous interview with the hawkish Ret. Lt. Col. Ralph Peters. During that discussion, Peters compared the Fox News host to a Nazi sympathizer over his position on Russia.

Boot sent out this tweet defending Peters:

Carlson had Boot on his show to debate the issue. He started the discussion by, “I think it’s fair to disagree about whether or not cooperating with Russia in the fight against ISIS is a good idea. But to dismiss anyone who doesn’t share your view as a Nazi sympathizer seems cheap in a short cut and really.”

Boot replied, “Rest assured, Tucker; I’m not actually saying that you’re a Nazi sympathizer; and the one thing that I would disagree with Colonel Peters about is that I don’t think that Putin is comparable to Adolf Hitler because there was only one Hitler, but what I do believe is that Mitt Romney was right. I was a foreign policy advisor on the Mitt Romney campaign in 2012 when he said that Putin is the number one geo-political threat that we face.”

He continued, “I think that’s true today, and I am very disturbed, Tucker, when I see you at the top of the show, you and Mark Steyn, yukking it up over the fact that Putin is interfering and meddling in our election process, undermining the sanctity of our elections to try to get Donald Trump elected, and that Donald Trump Jr., when he’s told that Putin’s government wants to support the Trump campaign, he doesn’t pick up the phone to the FBI, he says, “I love it.” That, to me, is very disturbing, but what’s even more disturbing is that you don’t think it is disturbing.”

Carlson retorted, “First of all, I’m sorry that laughter disturbs you.” He continued, “You can debate whether or not what he [Donald Trump Jr.] did is a crime or in violation of the espionage act, but to dismiss people who disagree with you as immoral which is, your habit, isn’t a useful form of debate, it’s a kind of moral preening, and it’s little odd coming from you, who really has been consistently wrong in the most flagrant and flamboyant way for over a decade."

Boot criticized Carlson’s own past commentary on foreign policy. “I would be happy to hold up my record of foreign policy against yours. By the way, to underline the fact, you supported the Iraq war and then when it went bad you opposed it. It doesn’t take any moral courage or perspicacity."

Carlson snarked, “You are a moral authority. You are a religious figure now actually.”

Boot did not appreciate the mocking. He replied,  “What you’re doing is a repudiation of all the conservative movement and the Republican Party has stood for. When I was growing up, Ronald Reagan warned about the evil empire; right now, you’re yukking it up at the evil empire interfering in our election.”

Carlson said, “It’s a different empire, Max.”

Boot then went after the Fox New host for his commentary on Russia and Syria, accusing him of being pro-Iranian over his desire to do nothing in the Middle east.

Carlson did not appreciate that. “I am a cheerleader for Russia and Iran,” he replied, “This is exactly the style of debate that prevents people from taking you seriously. Is it pro-Iranian to ask a question? You’re humiliating yourself, Max. Why don’t you answer the questions?”

Boot again tried to attack the Fox News host. “You know, your lack of moral judgment is tiresome to me. Your lack of moral judgment, I find it to be offensive.”

“This is why nobody takes you seriously,” answered Carlson. “I’m actually arguing principles. But more than anything, I'm arguing for the right to ask honest questions without being denounced as a quisling, which you are incapable of giving a factual answer and so in schedule to attack the character of the person who asked the question. And I think our viewers can see that."

“Tucker, I did not attack your character,” retorted Boot.

Carlson concluded the exchange. “Max, I gave you a chance and you did not turn in a professional, in any sense, impressive performance. Thanks for joining us anyway.”

Watch the exchange below: