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Hannity Panel Criticizes Anderson Cooper Interview With Sebastian Gorka

It is fake news.


Sean Hannity welcomed Joe Concha, media analyst for The Hill, and recording artist Kaya Jones on his Fox News program on Thursday. The three of them blasted CNN anchor Anderson Cooper’s interview with White House aide Sebastian Gorka according to a report from The Washington Free Beacon.

Before playing a clip of the Cooper-Gorka interview, Hannity praised Gorka’s performance as owning the CNN host calling the exchange, “must see TV.”

After the video, Hannity could not contain his excitement over the exchange. “Gorka is right! [CNN is] losing to Yogi Bear reruns. ‘Hey, Bo-bo!’ He also played a video of Gorka being interviewed by Alyson Camerota.

Jones, agreed with Hannity’s assessment. “I think that it’s good. I think that Gorka is doing great by going after the narrative of what they’re trying to do.” She said, “We need to discredit [CNN],” adding, “This whole narrative of Donald Trump, Jr. and the Russians, I mean, Hillary Clinton has actually done things.”

Concha also offered his thoughts. “Sean, the way I saw it he [Gorka] was taking issue with the CNN report about the White House being in a bunker mentality.” He explained, “Here’s where the White House has been in terms of a bunker mentality over the last couple of days: you have the president doing a joint press conference with the president of France. You have him doing interviews with Reuters and CBN yesterday. You have Kellyanne Conway doing multiple interviews across the spectrum. Jay Sekulow setting the record for most [interviews] in one day.”

Concha said, "Here’s where I took issue with that interview: Anderson Cooper at one pointed scolded Sebastian Gorka and said, ‘I’m just going to ignore the insults because I don’t think that it really gets us anywhere.’" The media analyst also took issue with Cooper’s childish insults aimed at the White House staffer. "And in the post-interview analysis, after Gorka was off that interview, where he couldn’t defend himself, Anderson Cooper, who is an anchor—the face of that network and the highest paid person there, who should act like a professional—called Gorka the ‘Hungarian Don Rickles.'"

Hannity asked if he thought they could recover from the ratings free fall. Concha acknowledged that their ad revenue is fine, but they cannot spin their numbers pushing them down to thirteenth in the ratings.

Watch the clip below: