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Charles Krauthammer: Donald Trump Jr. Pseudo-Scandal A Red Herring The Size Of A Whale

"That's the story."


Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer shrugged off the pseudo-scandal surrounding the meeting between Donald Trump, Jr. and a Russian lawyer on Fox News Thursday.

He told host Brett Baier, “Well I’m not impressed by the story about the lawyer. I think it’s a red herring the size of a whale. She was a pawn. It doesn’t change the central fact in the scandal.” He explained, “The scandal is that the email received from an intermediary by Donald Trump Jr. said that a Russian government lawyer, the president is wrong it was not a lawyer, a Russian government lawyer, would be coming with dirt on Hillary and that the Kremlin was supporting his campaign, and that the crown prosecutor, that’s a misnomer, the state prosecutor in the Kremlin had a trove of documents that they would offer.”

The commentator said pointedly, “That’s the story.”

Krauthammer acknowledged that the Trump Administration did not handle the situation appropriately.

He said, “I don’t think it’s illegal. I don’t think anybody’s claiming that it’s illegal, but it does, the one thing it does, it totally undermines a six month story from the White House, to which I was sympathetic, that there wasn’t any collusion. This was a bungled collusion.” He continued, “This was amateurish collusion, this was Keystone Cops collusion, but it doesn’t change the fact that it was attempted collusion and it undoes the White House story completely.”

Fellow panelist and conservative radio host Laura Ingraham disagreed, “I don’t think it undoes the White House story completely unless you think Donald Trump himself knew about this meeting, knew about the email. I know there’s a lot of speculation on other cable networks.”

After hearing from other panelists, Krauthammer offered some more thoughts. “Well there’s one salient fact here. Hillary is a private citizen. She lost the election. All of this could be true, if people want to go after her to put her in jail.” He quoted the popular Trump chant, “Lock her up.” He added, “OK, I have no objection whatsoever.”

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