Chelsea Gentry-Tipton

Democrat Calls GOP Lawmakers Getting Shot "Funny," Refuses To Resign...

This is civility.


A Democrat Party official refuses to step down after calling Republican’s reaction to Wednesday’s shooting “funny.” This is a new low for the Democrat Party. After numerous calls for civility, their leaders are instead taking the low road.

Wednesday saw a Democrat Party supporter and former Bernie Sanders campaign volunteer try to murder Republican lawmakers. Five people were wounded, one seriously. The shooter was killed in an exchange of gunfire with Capitol Police.

While Sanders denounced the shooter, another Democrat up north thinks that it is funny that a group of lawmakers were almost massacred.

The Omaha World Report writes,

A Nebraska Democratic Party official has refused calls to resign her volunteer position after calling reactions to this week’s shooting of a high-ranking Republican member of Congress “so funny” on social media.

Chelsey Gentry-Tipton of Omaha said in statement that she will not resign as chairwoman of the party’s Black Caucus, saying her post was taken out of context by party officials.

The Nebraska party’s leadership asked Gentry-Tipton to step down Wednesday, several hours after she wrote, in a Facebook thread about the shooting at in Alexandria, Virginia, “Watching the congressman crying on live tv abt the trauma they experienced. Y is this so funny tho?”

She did not stop there. Gentry-Tipton had more to say about the matter.

Later, in the same thread, she stated, “The very people that push pro NRA legislation in efforts to pad their pockets with complete disregard for human life. Yeah, having a hard time feeling bad for them.”

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, R-La., was shot in the early morning incident at a Washington, D.C., area baseball field. Four others were shot or injured. 

The comments were so disgusting that even Gentry-Tipton’s fellow activists refused to back her up.

Jane Kleeb, chairwoman of the Nebraska Democrats, said the news media’s interest in what amounts to an internal party dispute was troubling and distracted from the more important issue of gun violence. Nonetheless, she confirmed that she and the party’s central committee were “deeply disappointed” in the comments.

“Anyone who commits violence against anyone is wrong,” Kleeb said Thursday. “Anyone who makes insensitive comments about gun violence is wrong. For me that’s the end of the story.”

Instead of apologizing, she is attacking anyone who is disagreeing with her.

In a separate Facebook post, Gentry-Tipton refused “at this point” to resign.

She also was critical of the way Kleeb handled the matter, indicating that the request to step down came without Kleeb first talking to her.

She seemed to backpedal on Facebook, but it soon turned into a rant about racism.

Gentry-Tipton went on to say that as a past victim of gun violence, she understands that the Washington shooting was “deeply troubling.”

“I don’t condone or find the humor in what happened,” she said.

But she followed that statement with four paragraphs addressed to Kleeb that described how gun violence, police violence, income inequality and workplace bigotry affect the black community, “in a way that you clearly don’t understand.”

“I believe that there are people in the party that benefit from taking my post out of context,” Gentry-Tipton wrote. “I don’t believe that you or anyone else is the arbiter of my words, voice or compassion for the black community.”

This official needs to resign after this disgusting display. Anyone who finds humor in someone getting shot should be ashamed.

Katie Pavlich writes on Townhall Media

The question now is, what does the DNC have to say about this? Will newly minted Chairman Tom Perez, who said at a recent rally that Republicans "don't give a d*** about people," step in? Or will he allow her to continue in her position as a representation of the Democrat Party? 

More than likely, the Democrat Party will hope this goes away.