SJW Song Remix screenshot

HILLARIOUS: YouTuber Remixes SJW Meltdowns Into An Epic Beat...

"MC TriggR"


What to do when college special snowflakes have a meltdown? While most faculties and administrations are validating their ridiculous and infantile behavior, others are denouncing them and in some cases, they are making fun of them.

According to Aaron Bandler of The Daily Wire, a YouTuber took several clips of social justice warriors and triggered special snowflakes freaking out and made a hilarious song mix.

A hilarious new video showing a compilation of social justice warrior (SJW) meltdowns can be seen on YouTube.

Check out the video below. (Warning, strong language and instances of adults acting like children.)

Bandlers describes the video,

The video, which is officially titled "Ch-Check Ya Privilege" with the artist name of "MC TriggR," is part of the campaign for Dennis Prager and Adam Carolla's No Safe Spaces film. It begins with a student confronting a Yale administrator, whining that the administrator is pretending that he's "not being a racist." Then the beats kick in.

Former University of Missouri professor Melissa Click soon appears, telling a student reporter recording a video of the protest, "You need to get out." The "out" is on repeat as the club beats start blaring. Click is also shown calling for "some muscle" to remove the journalist.

Also included in the video is the student famously known as "Trigglypuff" screaming "Keep your hate speech off this campus," another Yale student telling the administrator that he is "disgusting" and deserves to be fired as well as students elsewhere screaming things like "Your side is f*cking disgusting" and "I'm not retreating, I'm making myself safe and comfortable."

And it's all done to the sound of a DJ mix that one would expect to hear at a club, causing the video to provide a perfect mockery of these SJWs making parodies of themselves  with their advocacy of fascism through their triggered feelings.

Hopefully more fine videographers will make more videos poking fun at the special snowflakes.