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NO SURPRISE: Leftist "View" Hosts Demand Gun Control After Wednesday's Shooting...

The incident happened in a gun-free zone.


The View claims to represent all sectors of America, but the truth is, the show features several bitter d-list celebrities sitting at a table to complain about anything and everything.

Following Wednesday’s shooting at Alexandria, Virginia, where a crazed leftist attempted to kill Republican lawmakers, the panel of former commediennes decided that violent rhetoric was not the problem. In fact, it is gun violence.

Despite the fact that the incident occurred in a “gun-free zone,” the women are convinced that had some of the Republican representatives been armed it would not have mattered. They presented no evidence of this.

The Media Research Council’s Newsbusters blog writes,

Whoopi Goldberg began the segment by pontificating about why Republicans having guns present would have been of no assistance, and made a vague allusion to herself having “been shot at” to justify her gun-policy acumen. This is false (at least about the impotence of hypothetical Republican armaments), because had House Majority Whip Steve Scalise’s security detail from the Capitol Police not been present, there would have been three to five minutes of unabated fire from shooter James Hodgkinson as the defenseless congressmen waited for police assistance.

You can watch the clip here:

When the only pro-gun panelist tried to interject, she was rudely shouted down by the rest of the panel.

The conservative on the panel, Jedediah Bila, had the audacity to talk, but Whoopi talked over her and told her she “doesn’t believe” her claim that she knows people who own guns. Bila was prevented from interrupting the conjugal thought bubble. Crisis averted.

Not so fast. Bila interjected her way back into the conversation and stated that a society where “only police have guns” is a “police state”. Whoopi then deftly rebutted this claim with Shakespearean prose, saying that, no, “that is not a police state”.

For the remainder of the segment, the panel spewed reams of misinformation on the Second Amendment, claiming it was intended only for militias and that there is no individual right to bear arms under the Constitution. This, of course, is patently untrue. The Second Amendment was put into the Constitution in order for citizens to have the capacity to arm themselves against a potentially tyrannical state that threatened their freedoms and liberties guaranteed by the Bill of Rights, and by proxy stand as an additional check on the power of government. There is little historical ambiguity on this claim. In 1788 Massachusetts Ratifying Convention, Samuel Adams made it clear: "The Constitution shall never be construed to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms."

It is disgusting that the left is taking advantage of this tragedy to push their gun control agenda on law abiding citizens.