Poll: 1/3 Of Millennials Say Safe Spaces 'Absolutely Necessary'

Don't lose hope...


Though studies show that millennials may actually be more conservative than past generations in some response, they still can't shake the brainwashing passed down onto them from the baby-boomer crowd. In fact, a frightening new poll shows that a whopping one-third of millennials think the concept of "safe spaces" to be "absolutely necessary."

From Campus Reform:  

Recent surveys show that many college students feel 'less safe' in the wake of Donald Trump’s election and consider safe spaces 'absolutely necessary' to the functioning of college campuses.

A LendEDU poll, for instance, asked 1,659 American college students whether they “agree with colleges campuses establishing safe spaces,” determining that 36 percent of respondents believe safe spaces “are absolutely necessary.”

Although a (very) slight plurality of the students surveyed actually answered that they think safe spaces “are completely out of touch from reality,” those students only accounted for 37 percent of all responses—solidly within the two-percent margin of error—leading LendEDU to note that America’s students are “in a virtual deadlock” over the legitimacy of safe spaces on campus.

The remaining 25 percent said they were "indifferent" to safe spaces altogether, saying they may not “even feel as strongly about the issue as the faculty and administration,” according to LendEDU.

Meanwhile, a new Quinnipiac poll reveals that millennials overwhelmingly feel unsafe under the Trump administration, a finding that could help explain the surprising amount of support for safe spaces in the LendEDU survey.

Among respondents aged 18-34, a whopping 57 percent said that “the election of Donald Trump” has made them feel “less safe,” more than triple the number who reported feeling “more safe” under the new administration, and more than double the percentage that experienced no change in feelings of security.

A majority of white college graduates (54 percent) likewise consider Trump’s America “less safe,” compared to just 30 percent who feel “more safe.” Quinnipiac does not supply data for non-white college graduates, but found that 65 percent of all non-whites surveyed reported feeling “less safe” under Trump.

There are a few silver-linings, though, because millennials offer more hope of becoming more conservative over time than generations past. Count the baby-boomers as a generation long gone. As Red Alert reported recently: 

A paper published in the Personality Social and Psychology Bulletin looked at three surveys taken on the political views of high school seniors.  In 2014, 29 percent of high school seniors identified themselves as politically conservative. In 1976, only 21 percent said the same. Seniors in both generations were more likely to identify themselves as liberal.

Another survey of Americans ages 18-34 found that 92 percent are in favor of free speech, and 93 percent are in favor of religious freedom. This means that we’re only 7-8 percent snowflake. In addition, RedState reports that we lean more libertarian as young adults than our parents do in middle age.

Nearly 60 percent of Millennials would prefer liberty to security (40 percent). Their Baby Boomer parents, on the other hand, split nearly even in their support of liberty (51 percent) and security (49 percent).

All of this spells serious trouble for Democrats, who have long bludgeoned conservatives with political blackmailing talking points like "but the future voted for us," as they so often repeated following Hillary's disastrous defeat this past election.  

This study does come off strange, though, given the antics seen on college campuses of snowflakes threatening riots over free speech. Red Alert states that "it only takes a few snowflakes – a few very loud, disruptive snowflakes – to freeze out free speech."

Republicans and conservatives shouldn’t celebrate just yet. Millennials still mainly vote for Democrats; just at a lower rate than our parents did at our age. In 2016, Hillary Clinton won the age 18-29 vote by an 18-point margin. President Trump won the 65 and older vote by 8 points, according to Pew Research Center.

We are looking at a huge generational divide, albeit a smaller one than was observed during the Obama years. In 2012, Democrats won with young voters by 24 points; Republicans won with 65+ voters by 12 points.  

Cue the apocryphal quote from Winston Churchill: “If you’re not liberal at 20, you have no heart. If you’re not conservative at 40, you have no brain.”