United Nations General Assembly Hall

The UN Just Did The Most Insane Thing It's Done In Years

Where is the outrage?


The United Nations is a corrupt organization. From releasing anti-Semitic reports to not condemning Syrian dictator Assad for human rights violations, they have a lot of house-cleaning to do.

Now they have placed Saudi Arabia on the “Commission on the Status of Women,” a group that is suppose to support equality for women.

Saudi Arabia is a nation where women are not allowed to leave their house without a burka nor are they allowed to drive. And those are the smallest problems that women face in the country.  

The Daily Caller reports,

The UN’s Economic and Social Council voted by secret ballot to put Saudi Arabia on the Commission on the Status of Women.

It is the principal international organization responsible for the “promotion of gender equality and the empowerment of women,” according to the commission’s website.

Saudi Arabia, a country notorious for its suppression of women’s rights, was ranked 134th out of 145 countries for gender equality in 2015. Saudi women are largely confined to the home under the direct supervision of male guardians, usually relatives, known as walis. A Saudi woman must obtain their wali’s permission to travel, marry, engage in business or undergo some medical procedures.

Of course, they voted by secret ballot. Just when it seems that the UN cannot sink any lower, they pull a stunt like this.

Saudi Arabia punishes women for the most trivial of crimes, yet it is given a prestigious role on a commission where they can negatively influence women’s rights.

Where is the outrage from the Left? It seems dead silent. Of course, the third wave feminist movement has largely ignored the abuses done by these predominantly Islamic countries. Instead of taking their message of equality abroad, they talk about manspreading and gender neutral pronouns.