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Judge Napolitano VINDICATED! British Intelligence Did Give Obama Admin Info On Trump...

GCHQ was involved.


Judge Andrew Napolitano made the claim that British intelligence GCHQ spied on President Donald Trump.

It was a comment made from the fallout that the claim Trump made on Twitter that former President Obama spied on Trump Tower. Trump made the claims after a New York Times article.

However, while that was never proven, it has been alleged that Obama used other means spy on the then-President elect.

Judge Napolitano was suspended from Fox News for a brief time for making the claims about the British intelligence part in the spying, but upon his return, he did not back down.

Now it appears he has been vindicated.

CNN reports,

British and other European intelligence agencies intercepted communications between associates of Donald Trump and Russian officials and other Russian individuals during the campaign and passed on those communications to their US counterparts, US congressional and law enforcement and US and European intelligence sources tell CNN.

The communications were captured during routine surveillance of Russian officials and other Russians known to western intelligence. British and European intelligence agencies, including GCHQ, the British intelligence agency responsible for communications surveillance, were not proactively targeting members of the Trump team but rather picked up these communications during what's known as "incidental collection," these sources tell CNN.

CNN is mainly fake news, so it is a surprise that they have reported on this. They are being forced to admit that some intel was passed to the government prior to Trump becoming the president.

This is another story that uses “anonymous” sources, so it will be scrutinized.

Either way, Fox News may have to issue an apology to Judge Napolitano after this.