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YouTube Is CENSORING Pro-Gun Channels



YouTube has been under fire for censoring certain channels that have featured what they consider as “offensive.” Conservative and Libertarian such as The Roaming Millennial, Steven Crowder, PragerU, and a whole host of others have been targeted for removing ads or placing them on “restricted” mode.

One group in particular has been targeted for blanket censorship. That is, pro-gun channels.

TFB TV, a channel that does reviews for firearms related products made a video about the problem of demonetization. Check out the video here:

YouTube is a company and can handle their advertising as they see fit, but many Left-wing channels like The Young Turks, known for Armenian genocide denial, has not received the same kind of scrutiny.

The Truth About Guns blog reports,

According to TFB TV, YouTube is now classifying all gun-related content as “age restricted.” Producers of gun-related content can no longer monetize their video through YouTube’s ad generation engine. The system doesn’t appear to be automated — not all gun related videos have been demonetized. But there’s a large enough number of defunded firearms-related channels that the trend is clear. The move has huge implications for gun rights . . .

YouTube is this country’s second most popular search engine (after Google). The streaming service includes (included?) hundreds of channels devoted to all things firearm: equipment, technique, politics, competition, video games, hunting, the whole shooting match. These channels have been both a gateway to gun culture for countless newbies and a rallying place for lovers of firearms freedom.

By demonetizing firearms-related videos, there will be less of them. And the ones that remain will lack the financial resources to produce the quantity and quality of videos that helped bring gun muggles into the fold.

That said, YouTube won’t discourage smaller producers — gun guys and gals who post for the self-promotion, their need to educate and/or sheer hell of it. But if the no-ad-money-for-guns policy remains, it will have a dramatic chilling effect on YouTube “stars” like Hickok45, The Yankee Marshal and Nut ‘N Fancy.

Conservatives, Libertarians, and gun owners are not the only ones feeling the pain. Even Liberal channels like The Rubin Report have also been flagged as offensive or have been demonetized for a variety of reasons that YouTube does not explain clearly.